Bobokulov Akmal Muborakbekovich,

TDIU, independent researcher, ORCID:0000-0002-6328-6734

Abstract. This article discusses the organizational system of alternative financing of investment activities in our country, as well as issues aimed at improving alternative financing methods in our country on the basis of individual approaches to the theoretical foundations of their implementation in practice. It should be noted separately that financing a business or any idea in this way does not require deductions from budget funds and does not increase costs which is a situation of a positive nature in the economy. On the other hand, crowdfunding, which is one of the instruments of this alternative financial market, makes it possible to raise additional funds as interesting for small businesses. In addition to social and non-commercial purposes, crowdfunding has enormous potential to be an alternative form of financing a business project. It also creates favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment to the economy. As a result of this, the development of private investors in the economy of Uzbekistan, subjects of investment infrastructure, that is, commercial banks and special financial and credit organizations, are required to organize new alternative financing methods for their activities.

                 Key words. investment, investment activity, foreign investment, financing, financing mechanism.

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