Zarafat Khudayberganova,

Senior lecturer of the Department of “Bank accounting and Auditing”

of the Tashkent institute of Finance,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Email:

ORCID: 0000-0001-6074-1204

Abstract. The article deals with the problems of improving the remote banking services of republican commercial banks – scientific recommendations for improving the quality of remote banking services in commercial banks and ensuring the timely repayment of online loans, expanding their scope based on the study and analysis of the state of remote banking services and improving remote banking services based on continuous study of customer opinions developed and formed conclusions. The level of use of information and communication technologies is expanding in all areas around the world. Among other things, an important issue is the improvement of remote services provided by commercial banks in Uzbekistan. To do this, the strategy for reforming the banking system of the republic for 2020-2025 provides for “… the introduction of new business models of banks, including those based on the principles of “digital banking”, the application of international standards for the quality of banking services, the volume of services provided to small and medium-sized entities entrepreneurship and quality, including the implementation of a number of measures to increase the popularity of remote financial services for banks by providing services to business entities using information and communication technologies”[2]. In the implementation of these tasks, commercial banks consult the population, enterprises and organizations on remote banking service, study customer reviews, carry out activities to expand the size of the bank’s stable resources over time, expand the range of remote banking services. To date, a positive solution to the above issues – banks are constantly studying the opinions of customers, giving them correct and adequate answers in their place and offering banking services taking into account their proposals; this can be done by giving advice on upcoming relationships.

Keywords. commercial banking, remote banking services, online credit, customer, quality of banking services.

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