Susanna Alieva, PhD,

Associated professor, Samarkand institute of economics and service

Abstract. The purpose of this article is to study the conditions and actions for the use of “green” energy, mainly solar, in Uzbekistan, to find opportunities to accelerate this process. Therefore, the author characterizes the directions and prospects for the implementation of projects for the use of mainly solar energy in Uzbekistan, studies the directions and prospects of its use, gives criteria for the introduction of solar and wind energy. The author noted that ensuring the development of “green” energy is carried out by ensuring the transformation of existing energy systems, taking into account new innovative technologies for generating electricity from renewable sources, as well as conducting new research in order to improve the efficiency of existing installations.

Proposals are presented for expanding the use of solar and wind energy in Uzbekistan, which, according to the author, will help to increase the country’s energy capacity.

Key words: energy, wind energy, green energy, solar energy, renewable energy, energy generation.

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