Mirsodikova Dilobar

Tashkent Institute of Finance, Tashkent Uzbekistan


Abstract. Blockchain provides a completely new method of documenting, as well as storing monetary information and transactions. In fact, it has the prospect of significantly changing the scope of the accountant’s activities, as well as improving the business community. The use of blockchain can help provide clarity regarding the ownership of assets and the availability of liabilities, and can also significantly improve the efficiency of the accountant. Blockchain offers the potential for accounting and auditing. Blockchain helps auditors track an account. The article substantiates the importance of innovative technologies for accounting management accounting and analysis. The most suitable digital technology for digitalization of accounting is the blockchain system – its brief description is given and the advantages of its application are highlighted. Changes in the methodology of accounting and auditing are described.

Blockchain can easily improve the efficiency of accounting procedures, especially in the area of transactions, as well as ownership, which operates as a global entry accounting authority. This will certainly provide guarantees regarding legitimate civil liberties, as well as responsibilities, as well as funds, which will certainly allow the accounting profession to expand its own range to document many more types of tasks compared to the previous ones.

Blockchain actually has prospects for improving accounting by reducing the cost of reconciliation of logs and their preservation. In addition, the blockchain also offers a direct guarantee of ownership, as well as a prehistory of ownership. Blockchain can easily help accounting professionals gain clarity about the proposed sources as well as their business responsibilities. Similarly, he can easily increase the number of sources to focus on preparation as well as evaluation. Together with various other automation models, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain will certainly also lead to the execution of a much larger number of accounting transactions.

Blockchain technology for auditors will help to conduct audits that they follow. For an accountant, blockchain helps to coordinate, track ownership of assets and verify the authenticity of transactions using functions found in the technology. Blockchain can be used as a source of verification of data reported by accountants to users of information generated by accounting.

Keywords. Blockchain, Internal control, Accounting, Audit.

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