Diyora Tal’atova,

Lecturer, Department of Management and Marketing,

Kimyo International University in Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Email:

ORCID: 0000-0002-8287-3344

Abstract. Digital economy and green economy are the most important subjects on the environmental policy agenda in the last years. The first section of the paper examine the current state of thinking on the environmental impact of digital economy, especially of ICT, while the second section looks at what is known as the green economy and the most recent initiatives in this area. Both are paradigms that have become proeminent in the separate worlds of ITC policy and sustainable development. The integration between them leads to new paradigms and creates opportunities for sustainable development, also for economic recovery in the context of recent crises.

The basic idea of the digital economy is that the production of goods, services, lifelong learning and innovation is made possible by modern technological support for data transmission and processing in the context of market globalization and sustainable development. In addition to the economic and social impact, the environmental aspect of the digital economy deserves special attention, as it is one of the important aspects of sustainable development.

 Therefore, the study of synergies between the green economy and the digital economy can offer a general solution with a lasting effect on the various current ICT-related and ecological problems of the economy. One of the answers to the challenge of climate change and sustainable development is the Green Knowledge Economy. By and large, the green economy can be an answer to projected climate change and global warming, as it contributes to sustainable economic and social development.

Keywords. Green economy, digital economy, sustainable development, green knowledge society.

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