Tukhsanov Kudratillo Nozimovich

Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Taxes and Insurance, Tashkent State University of Economics.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

ORCID: 0000-0001-6964-278X

Abstract. Today, the introduction of modern work methods and new technologies into the process of digitalization of the financial system and its management will greatly help the financial system to fulfill the traditional and post-coronavirus tasks at the level of demand. No matter how difficult it may be today, it is necessary to speed up the introduction of digital technologies into our country’s financial system, despite the coronavirus pandemic’s negative impact. It is necessary to pay attention to the priority areas where it is possible to introduce digital technologies in our country’s financial system. Small business entities play an important role in the economy of all countries.

Today, small, and medium-sized enterprises make up about 90 percent of all enterprises in the world. These enterprises account for 70% of total jobs and about 50% of the world’s GDP [1]. The main obstacle to the stability and economic growth of small and medium-sized businesses is insufficient to use of financial resources. This is especially true for countries with emerging markets. Here, it was determined that approximately 131 million of the total number of small and medium-sized businesses, or 41 percent of all business entities, do not have the opportunity to receive credit for the development of their business.

Keywords. small business, economic growth, digital financing, digital technologies, macroeconomic stability.

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