Faridakhon Abdukarimovna Khamidova

Associate professor, PhD, Tashkent Financial Institute.

60A, Amir Timur avenue, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


ORCID:  0000-0002-3780-151X

Abstract. In the article, the current issues of the development of financial and investment activity of the regions are analyzed in detail. The nature of the financial and investment activity of the regions is studied from a theoretical point of view and its importance is described from an economic point of view. In order to implement the strategy of economic security in the regions, it is necessary to develop a mechanism for its implementation, as well as to increase the financial and investment activity of the regions.

In turn, it is a strategically important task to assess the economic security of the state under the influence of various factors. It can be noted that the level of development of branches of the economic system, the analysis of the regional economic situation, the ways to reduce the shortcomings and the scientific basis of effective use of existing opportunities were determined as a result of a systematic and comprehensive analysis. For this, within the framework of this article, it is appropriate to conduct a comprehensive analysis of economic security, a systematic study of the financial and investment activity of regions in ensuring economic security.

Accordingly, the factors that allow for the creation of a systematic research and methodology of the theoretical-methodical and practical aspects of the system of comprehensive analysis of the economic security assessment in the regions, as well as the formation of the economic security assessment system were analyzed. Based on the above, the issues of ensuring economic security in increasing the financial and investment activity of the regions are the basis for highlighting the financial and investment aspects, including the income of tax revenues in the state budget, the share of taxes in the volume of local budget revenues of the regions, the number of business entities operating in the regions – enterprises and organizations, and regions participants of economic activity whose activities have been terminated in the region – the number of enterprises and organizations, investments in fixed capital in the region, the composition of capital investments by sources of financing in the regions, the ICOR index of the evaluation of the effectiveness of investments in the regions and the analysis of these indicators was carried out. Also, increasing their financial and investment activity in the socio-economic development of their regions, the problems in this process, their causes, the need to ensure the economic security of the regions, in particular, references from foreign experiences and research works of scientists in this field are presented.

Keywords. economic security, investment, crisis, regional economy, economic growth, dynamic development, supply and demand, financial-investment activity, economic relations, information exchange, state policy, economic security indicators, ICOR index.

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