Maksudov Bunyodjon Abdusamat o’g’li

Tashkent Financial Institute

Senior teacher of the “Banking” department

 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

contact number: +99890 3499888


ORCID: 0000-0002-5821-6221

Abstract. The article describes ways to reduce problem assets in commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Reduction of problem assets in commercial banks is one of the current topics in the banking system today. Therefore, in commercial banks, it is required to prevent the emergence of problematic assets, organize sufficient work on their elimination as soon as they arise, and take all measures to reduce them.

Improving the quality of credit portfolio and risk management in the Republic of Uzbekistan as the main direction of the reform of the banking sector, following the moderate growth of lending volumes, maintaining a balanced macroeconomic policy, ensuring the financial stability of the banking system by implementing technological solutions for assessing financial risks is defined as the quality of bank assets. determines the need for improvement.

In global practice, scientific studies are being carried out by the international Basel Committee, Central Banks, and also large banks to reduce the volume of problem loans and improve the quality of assets and increase their efficiency. These processes are revealed in issues such as determining the minimum rate of problem assets, transparency of asset quality and reserve formation. However, taking into account the specific characteristics of problematic assets of banks in a particular country or region, effective ways to reduce them have not been sufficiently revealed. In particular, research works on the theoretical and practical processes of reducing the volume of problem assets of banks in relation to issues such as administrative effects on the lending process of banks, preferential loan interest rates, low level of money supply, devaluation of the national currency have not been carried out. This, in turn, requires conducting scientific research aimed at optimizing problematic assets of commercial banks.

Taking measures to reduce problem assets in commercial banks is one of the important factors in the banking system today. Therefore, in the article, concepts such as the state of problem assets of commercial banks, the nature of problem loans, work with them, factors influencing the emergence of problem assets, ways of eliminating problem assets, and the corresponding approaches and recommendations were formed based on the observation and study of the scientific article.

Keywords. asset, loan, problem asset, problem loan, risk, overdue debt

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