Bekimbetova Gulnora Maratovna,

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Business Analytics,

Tashkent State Economic University

Islam Karimov, 49, 100003 Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Abstract: The article deals with the issue of expertise of investment projects in the conditions of development of innovative activities of enterprises. It must be taken into account that each investment project is usually a multidimensional problem, as the issue of financial analysis is considered, and technical, social and environmental factors are also taken into account. In the context of the aggravation of crisis processes in the economy, there are decelerating trends in the modernization of technologies, which leads to a certain lag behind modern needs in the reproduction of productive forces. To solve this problem, it is necessary to consider innovation activity as a factor and a consequence of hierarchical changes in related levels and areas, which allows the researcher to delve into the chosen area and develop it in more detail from the chosen position. The methodological basis of the article is the methods of scientific knowledge, which allow revealing the essence of the innovative activity of enterprises, the main laws of the innovative development of the economy, priority ways to ensure their financial sustainability. The factors of influence on the innovative activity of all economic levels per unit of influence, which is proposed to be considered as a business process, are substantiated, which provide for the operation of an effective mechanism for managing business processes that contribute to the intensification of enterprises. The proposed mechanism of innovation activity by levels of the economy makes it possible to form it, aimed at creating an active innovation space that establishes a feedback with the innovation climate, which creates information opportunities for its adaptation to changing environmental conditions in terms of the development and implementation of modern innovative equipment. Further areas of research are aimed at deepening the relationship between the innovation climate in Uzbekistan and the innovation space and its characteristics, which is an integral part of the intensification of innovation activity. The practical consequences are related to the possibility of using the proposed mechanism for increasing the innovative activity of enterprises, ensuring the effectiveness of managerial influences when introducing modern technologies and improving product quality.

Key words: expertise, investment project, evaluation, enterprise, innovation, risk.



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