Boronov Bobur Farkhodovich

Doctoral student of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service, PhD, е-mail: УДK: 334.71 BBK: 65.05

ORCID: 0000-0002-2597-4755

Abstract. In this article, the costs incurred in production enterprises and their various signs in legal documents and economic literature are presented. In particular, taking into account the specific features of the processes of production of oil-oil products, production costs were divided into direct and indirect costs, their composition was determined and author’s definitions were developed. Production costs are classified into two groups, i.e., variable and fixed costs, according to their impact on the cost of finished products in manufacturing enterprises. The bases of classification of production costs in oil and oil industry enterprises operating in our country according to various signs have been explained. divided according to the essence and according to the accounting period of expenses. Also, as a result of the conducted research, the costs that were separated according to these classification symbols were further divided into other groups, and the types of costs were grouped according to their description and the departments where production costs are taken into account in oil-oil industry enterprises. In the conclusion part of the article, scientific proposals and recommendations were developed, with conclusions on improving the basis of classification and calculation of the costs of production of finished products in oil-oil industry enterprises.

Key words. oil and fat products, finished products, production costs, product cost, cost classification, international financial reporting standards.

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