Khalekeyeva Zoya Pirniyazovna
Independent researsher
Department of “Finance” TSUE

  • Abstract.This article discusses the importance of inventories in the activities of enterprises, their impact on effective management, analysis of the state of inventories of enterprises, methods of using world experience in inventory management. The availability of inventories is a prerequisite for the operation of any enterprise. This is because the main reason why enterprises go to stockpile in market conditions is economic inefficiency and the impossibility of finding inventory when there is a demand for goods.Another important factor, especially important for enterprises, is that if there is a stock of goods offered to the consumer, it will be possible to increase sales and profits, that is, the material stock of goods allows to ensure regular consumption of goods, even if its production is chaotic.Effective management of commodity inventories of organizations plays a very important role in financial management, as it is one of the most important tools for regulating financial stability. Ensuring effective management of inventories is achieved through the development and implementation of a special financial inventory management system.The inventory management system consists of optimizing the overall volume and structure of inventory, reorganizing the cost of their storage and establishing effective control over product movement. Effective management of material resources increases profits and provides the necessary investment. Management of current activities of enterprises, in particular, inventory management, plays an important role in maintaining high profitability and liquidity. Inventory management is aimed at increasing the profitability and turnover rate of invested capital. It serves as a basis for ensuring the control of the level of inventories and the justification of the optimal volume of orders – at the stage of formation of inventories.At the same time, the article describes the nature of inventories, the procedure for their assessment in accordance with international standards and disclosure in the financial statements. Thus, the article explains that the effective management of inventories of enterprises is associated with the uninterrupted supply of goods.
  • Keywords: enterprise, price, wholesale operations, logistics, warehouse, cost, finished products, goods.

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