B.B. Abdurakhmonov

Independent researcher of the Tashkent Institute of Finance

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Abstract. Broadly interpreted innovation exists in any direction and field of activity. In the group of financial innovations, it is possible to distinguish the innovations of commercial banks based on the subjects of innovative activity. Bank innovations are the final result of innovative activities, a specific type of financial innovations implemented by banks in financial markets or in the form of new or improved banking products, services, processes, organizational form or technology in the effective formation and implementation of the commercial bank’s resource potential. Innovative credit products are a rapidly developing type of modern banking service. The article analyzes the development and evolution of innovative credit products, the current state of lending to small business entities by commercial banks in our country, the practice of lending through foreign credit lines, and innovative lending products to small business entities.               

Keywords: innovation, banking innovations, banking products, classification of innovative products, small business, credit lines                 

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