Jurayev Isroil Ibrohimovich,

PhD, Tashkent Institute of Finance

 Tashkent, Uzbekistan. E-mail:

ORCID: 0000-0002-5607-0089

Abstract. In this article, the process of digital transformation of commercial banks and its specific features are studied in the context of digitalization of the economy of our country. The scientific-theoretical views of economists on the topic were studied and the author’s approach was formed in relation to them. The practice of using digital technologies in the activities of commercial banks of our country, its specific features, the digital transformation of the activities of commercial banks in the world banking practice and the results achieved by them were studied. Digital transformation of banking activities and its role in developing banks’ activities and increasing their competitiveness, the role of digital technologies in increasing the quality and value of banking services are mentioned. Also, the digital transformation of banks in our country and the factors affecting it have been analyzed. It is proposed to increase the competitiveness of the banking system of our country, to use digital technologies in the provision of banking services.                

Key words: banking, transformation, digital technology, innovation, Mobile application,  globalization.

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