Tula Nodirbek Bakhodir ogli,

PhD, Doctoral student of the Institute for Professional Development and Statistical Research

Tashkent, Uzbekistan. E-mail:

ORCID: 0000-0002-7357-350X


Abstract. The article explores the significance and impact of the population census on the socio-economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Based on the analysis of the latest census data, the author examines in detail how the information obtained from the census can be used to improve planning and development strategies in various sectors, including health, education, housing and employment. In particular, the article highlights how census data can contribute to a more accurate allocation of resources and budgets based on population size and needs in different regions of the country. The author also explores how the census can help with economic planning by providing data on the labor force, including information on the age, gender, education and skills of the population. The article takes a detailed look at how census data can be used to allocate resources more efficiently and equitably, based on the size of the population and its needs in different regions of the country. The importance of the population census in improving the efficiency of the socio-economic development of the country is considered. It analyzes the execution of state budget expenditures, as well as ways to effectively allocate budgetary funds based on the census. There is a scientific debate about the difficulties in conducting a population census, but at the same time, arguments are given on the need for it and its key advantages over other data sources. The necessity of conducting a population census in the conditions of Uzbekistan is considered, in the context of clarifying the data of the “Iron Notebook”, “Youth Notebook” and “Women’s Notebook”. The author also emphasizes the need for census data not only for government agencies, but also for businesses. A correlation analysis is carried out between the population, the number of births, the number of marriages and the cost of construction work. At the end of the article, possible problems and limitations associated with the conduct of the census are discussed, as well as ways to overcome them. In general, the article emphasizes the importance of the population census as an important tool for social and economic planning and development in Uzbekistan.

 Keywords: population census, efficiency, state budget, statistics.

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