Sultanov Mahmud Akhmedovich,

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting. Tashkent State University of Economics. Tashkent.

ORCID: 0009-0004-3104-6375

Abstract. In the article, since commercial banks operating in our country are supposed to gradually increase the minimum amount of authorized capital to five hundred billion soums until 2025 in accordance with the current legislation, the tasks that Uzbekistan needs to implement within the framework of the banking system reform strategy and the development strategy have been researched. References are given from foreign experiences and research works of scientists in order to improve the investment activity of banks, for the purpose of studying its scientific theoretical aspects. In particular, in international experience, banks conduct investment activities as an important link of institutional investors and aim to increase bank capitalization through the stock market. Unlike Uzbekistan, most countries, taking into account the riskiness of securities in the financial market, separate operations related to it from the activities of commercial banks. Due to the fact that the investment activity of the banks of the Anglo-Saxon countries is focused on investments carried out by the trust operations departments of the banks, operations related to securities are carried out with the help of investment banks. Owing to the fact that investment activities of banks related to securities in European countries are not separated from commerce, they are carried out by universal banks, which means that they are similar to the continental model of the securities market. Special emphasis is placed on the participation of commercial investment banks in the implementation of transactions with valuable securities in the research of Russian scientists. In order to improve the investment activity of banks, the shares issued as issuers in the securities market, their share among institutional investors, and the current situation of the contribution of large joint-stock companies are studied in the article. It was studied the strategy for reforming the banking system of Uzbekistan with the support of international financial institutions, the provision of gradual privatization of State shares in “Uzsanoatqurilishbank”, “Asaka” “Ipoteka-Bank”, “Alaqabank”, “Qishloq qurilish bank” and “Turonbank”, which are considered large banks in Uzbekistan in terms of the amount of capital and assets, the volume of credit and deposit portfolios.

Key words: stock market, institutional investor, quote, ordinary share, preferred share, “Tashkent” RFB.

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