Nilufar Sharipova,

PhD, Tashkent Institute of Finance

senior lecturer of the Department “Banking Account and Audit”

Tashkent, Uzbekistan. email:shani_80@mail.ru

ORCID: 0000-0002-4892-9922

Abstract: Banking system – this is a generalized system of banks that are inextricably linked with each other and with the external environment.The modern banking system is the basis of the national economy of any country, currently banks are universal financial intermediaries and act as the main financial intermediaries in all parts of the financial segment. Ensuring the stability of banks in general for the economy of Uzbekistan, as well as ensuring financial stability, the functioning of the banking system, the tasks assigned to it and the full implementation of its tasks, in turn, they will become the basis for the development of the country’s economy.The financial stability of the banking system is considered as an element of the national economy.Stability is a complex macroeconomic characteristic of the banking system.

The level of development of the country’s economy is inextricably linked with the efficiency of the financial sector. The sufficiency of the resource base of credit institutions, the availability of internal opportunities to increase the volume of services provided, improve the quality of banking services affect the development of entrepreneurship, an increase in real cash flows of the population.

Indicators such as capital adequacy, credit risk assessment, liquidity assessment, market risk, profit contribute to timely identification of risks of individual credit institutions, prevention of negative consequences in the banking system. The practice of assessing the development and stability of the banking system of the countries of the world is widely used, depending on the dynamics of changes in the indicators of stability of the banking system in relation to the country’s GDP. While in the world there is an increase in the gross assets of banks in different countries compared to the previous year or an increase in bank capital compared to the previous period, there are many cases of a decrease in these indicators in relation to the gross domestic product of the country. In addition, despite ensuring the stability of the national currency, a number of problems remain related to the issue of financial stability of the banking system. The scientific article analyzes the trends in the development of the banking system of Uzbekistan and provides practical suggestions and recommendations on the specifics and aspects of ensuring financial stability of banks, problems in this area and their solution.

Keywords: financial stability of banks, return on assets, return on capital, the share of problem loans in the total volume of loans issued.

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