Fattakhova Munisa,

Senior Lecturer,”Banking” Dpt., Tashkent Institute of Finance

Email: asinum0777@gmail.com

ORCID: 0009-0008-9166-908X

Abstract:  The article considers one of the key tools of “green” financing – “green” credit. n. This is a loan designed for environmental projects related to agriculture, renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly industry, etc. The tasks are to analyze the current research on this topic, to study the regulatory aspects of green lending, its main types, impact on the  bank economic indicators A study of foreign experience in the development of “green” lending was conducted, “green” loan products were characterized. However, there is no standard credit documentation for the green loan today. The implementation of the “green” concept requires the mobilization of public and private sources of financing and the development of “green” financial instruments capable of providing the necessary flows of “green «investments. “Green” lending is part of this concept. It provides significant impact on the country’s economy, developing its banking industry, making commercial banks important participants in the “green” model and more competitive in the global financial market. Popularization The principles of the “green” economy have led to an increase in the demand for financial institutions capable of structuring and directing investments for environmental protection. Therefore, the formation of a portfolio of “green” loans, providing for the financing of environmental projects and enterprises in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly industry and other areas of activity that are related to environmental protection, is one of the tasks of the banks To make this financial tool efficient and sound, it is necessary to further develop regulations, to change approaches to disclosing information on sustainability issues in the non-financial part of annual reporting. The authors have made a conclusion about the rapid development and expansion of the green loan due to the flexible conditions for its provision and availability. Recommendations were given for the development of “green” lending in Uzbekistan

Keywords: “green” credit, “green” financing, bank, environmental projects, “green” financial instruments, Green Loan Principles, “green” market

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