Abdunazarov Shokhrukh Akrom o’gli,

 Senior lecturer of TMI, Ph.D., E-mail:

ORCID: 0000-0002-1767-3709


Abstract: In the article, the organization of the crediting process in credit organizations and its specific features are theoretically and practically studied and researched. Based on the conducted studies and analysis, appropriate proposals and recommendations were developed to improve the efficiency of the crediting process in credit organizations. The deepening of market relations, the increasing importance of digital and remote services in the field of finance and credit are causing serious changes in the process of lending in credit organizations. In particular, these include issues such as the implementation of microloan requirements of individuals and private entrepreneurs through digital banking services, and the lack of a requirement for the principle of targeting of loans. Commercial banks account for the main share of loans provided by Uzbekistan’s credit organizations to individuals and legal entities. The credit policy of commercial banks is the organization and regulation of the crediting process. The credit policy of commercial banks is approved by the bank council for each financial reporting year, and changes and additions are made to it during the financial reporting period. At the same time, in addition to the commercial banks operating in Uzbekistan, the organization of the crediting process of other credit organizations and their specific aspects are studied and researched. As a result of the conducted studies and researches, suggestions and recommendations have been developed aimed at increasing the efficiency of the crediting process in credit organizations, solving existing problems and current issues in this area.

Key words: credit organization, commercial bank, lending process, credit policy, credit agreement, credit principles, interest rate.


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