Alieva Nadirakhan Abdumalikovna,

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing,

Tashkent Financial Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

 Email: loko-74@inbox.ru.  ORCID:0009-0001-3320-9981

Abstract: This article substantiates the need for innovative management in improving the competitiveness of enterprises operating in the sectors of the economy. It is known that during the period of transition to a digital economy, the innovative development of enterprises in each industry of the republic, the modernization of production and the stimulation of innovative processes will increase the economic efficiency of the enterprise, meet the changing needs of consumers, and open industries in new directions. Innovative development occurs as a result of the organization of innovative management in enterprises and the introduction of new methods. In modern competitive market conditions, the effectiveness of innovative management can be achieved by creating an environment that stimulates the search for and implementation of innovations in the enterprise and the application of innovative management methods based on management principles. To do this, it is necessary to reduce the number of management steps in the system, shorten the period for the development and implementation of innovations, organize them on the basis of the simultaneous solution of innovative problems. In the network, innovation management is understood as the organization of innovation processes by integrating the processes of science, production, investment and marketing, as well as the management of employees of organizational structures involved in these processes, based on an innovative approach, and the effectiveness of management is determined by the effectiveness of the methods used in these processes. When writing this article, decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, scientific works and educational literature of foreign and Uzbek scientists who contributed to the study of management problems were used. Theoretical and statistical analysis and observation methods were used as the research methodology. As a result, it was proved that innovative management methods are methods of managing the overall structure of the system using innovations in the implementation of basic management functions, allowing you to effectively implement your strategy in order to increase the competitiveness of the system, ensure development stability, innovative management methods to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Key words: innovations, innovation process, management, management methods, competitiveness, system, need, efficiency.

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