Umidjon Matyakubov,

DSc, Head of the Department of Management and Marketing in Urgench State University,

Urgench, Uzbekistan. E-mail:

Ermetova Iqbol,

Assistant teacher of the Department of Management and Marketing in Urgench State University,

Urgench, Uzbekistan. E-mail:

Abstract: This article discusses the state of the tourist market of the city of Khiva, which is considered one of the important tourist destinations in the Khorezm region, the main interests of visiting foreign tourists, the issues of attracting them more and extending their stay in the city are studied. In order to study the profile of tourists who visited the city of Khiva, the study used surveys, which are one of the methods of quantitative methodology. Also, the study analyzed the growth dynamics of the number of foreign tourists who visited the tourist destination of Khiva in 2013-2022 and the types of accommodation facilities operating in the city of Khiva. The survey was conducted among 350 foreign tourists who visited Khiva during the high and low tourist seasons.  The survey researched the demographic status of visiting foreign tourists, what information sources they used before visiting the city of Khiva, the main reasons for visiting the city, time factors that enable travel, and the travel style of international tourists visiting the city. In the second part of the survey were analyzed such issues as the average length of stay of foreign tourists in the city of Khiva, the level of satisfaction with the offer of tourist services, the types of transport used by foreign tourists between tourist cities in Uzbekistan. In the research work, 9 out of 10 foreign tourists chose Khiva even before starting their trip, most of them said that they are traveling to Khiva for the first time, and after Khiva they plan to visit other tourist destinations such as Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent. In the concluding part of the research, suggestions and recommendations were developed in order to increase the flow of foreign tourists to the city of Khiva and to increase their stay.

Key words: tourism, tourism, destination, tourist market, Khiva city.

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