Beknazarov Zafarjon Ergashevich,

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Insurance and Pension,

Tashkent Financial Institute, Tashkent,  Uzbekistan.


Abstract: The financial analysis of the social insurance system in the Republic of Uzbekistan is studied in the article. Economic-statistical analyzes of each type of social insurance, the results of software for the appointment and payment of pensions and allowances have been studied. The increase in the number of recipients of social benefits and the amount of material assistance given to low-income families in our country, as well as their financial sources, were mentioned. The implementation of the social insurance system will definitely require a certain amount of financial resources. Therefore, social funds are an integral part of any economic mechanism. It is known that in order to protect the needy sections of the population, there is a need to redistribute income in a certain order. The financial means of such redistribution is through social funds. Social funds, in turn, can be state or non-state. The ratio between the forms of social savings depends on many factors, first of all, on the national model of economic development. Social funds are included in the system of financial relations, like any fund, and have a specific financial content. It should be said that at the current stage of world development, the financial system cannot be characterized without a set of social funds, most of which occupy an important place in priority directions. On the other hand, the main purpose of their organization will not be profit. Today, on the basis of mutual harmonization of various models of the social insurance system, extensive scientific and research work is being carried out on the effective organization of the financing of the social protection system of the population. In particular, further development of voluntary and mandatory medical insurance taking into account the possibilities and limitations and the impact, improvement of the procedure for assigning unemployment benefits on the basis of ensuring the standard of living of the population, increasing the stability of the pension system based on the transition to multi-level pension provision, coordinating the activities of pension and social funds, It is an important study to further improve the system of social protection of the population, taking into account the maximum provision of social guarantees, to strengthen the insurance mechanism of financing pension programs based on the implementation of best practices, to establish private pension funds and to ensure the stability of their financial activities due to the introduction of new financial sources and effective levers is calculated from directions. In recent years, special attention has been paid to social protection of the population and the development of the social insurance system in Uzbekistan. In this regard, “revision of the procedure for the appointment and payment of pensions and allowances, fundamental reform of the pension system”, “the adoption of laws on compulsory health insurance and the development of all organizational measures for their implementation”, the Law “On Social Insurance” important measures such as “development” are being developed. In scientific research, to strengthen the social protection of pregnant and childcare women through the social insurance system, to improve financial relations for the social protection of the disabled and temporarily unable to work, and to introduce the state medical insurance system, to expand the scope of scientific research and the existing theoretical and practical work in the social insurance system in-depth scientific research of the problems is of urgent importance..

Key words: Social insurance, pensions and benefits, social benefits, financial assistance to low-income families, compulsory health insurance, unemployment benefits, one-time benefits, types of social services, social protection system.

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