Bekzod Khalilov,

Lecturer teacher, Kimyo International University in Tashkent,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Email:Bekki_02@gmail.com

 Abstract. For humans, recognizing faces is an easy process. Babies as low as one to a few days old can also additionally recognize acquainted faces, consistent with experiments. It seems that we still don’t apprehend much approximately human recognition. Are outside traits (head shape, hairline) extra vital for correct face identity than inside features (eyes, nose, mouth)? Numerous researchers are searching at face recognition with a purpose to uncover the solutions to those sorts of problems. As a result, numerous sectors make substantial use of Face recognition technology. Face recognition technology is a biometric technology, which is based on the identification of Face features of a person. People collect the face images, and the recognition equipment automatically processes the images. The technology of Face recognition is growing in popularity and adoption. This is particularly true among businesses, which see the value of this technology and are exploring ways to implement it in their operations. This article will explain why companies should consider implementing Face recognition software and services in their businesses, as well as the different uses for this technology that is becoming more common among businesses.            

Keywords: business, commerce, technology, face recognition, phyton

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