Artikov Uygun Davlatovich,

Associate Professor of the “Banking and Auditing” Department, Ph.D.

Tashkent Institute of Finance

E-mail: , ORCID: 0009-0000-1580-9687

Abstract This article examines the specific features of the formation and management of own funds in commercial banks. According to the research materials and methods, a number of foreign and domestic economists-scientists have studied and commented on the scientific research of commercial banks on the formation of their own funds. The current state of formation and management of commercial banks’ own funds in Uzbekistan is analyzed. A conclusion is given based on the results of research and analysis. Proposals and recommendations on the improvement of the formation and management of commercial banks’ own funds have been developed.                                                     

Key words: capital of commercial banks, financial resources, passive operations of commercial banks, deposit, bank capital, solvency, nominal value of securities, liquidity of assets, leveraged funds.

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