Khasankhonov Nodira Isametdinovna,

Tashkent Financial Institute, PhD, associate professor of the department “Еconomics”. Email : nxasanxonova @ gmail.com

ORСID: 0000-0002-4283-2601

 Abstract. In developed countries, the creation of high-tech goods, digitization of quality and services in business activity has caused the high growth trend of the economy in this country. Taking this into account, the high growth trend in these countries is from the elements of the knowledge economy: education, intellectual capital, innovation, knowledge. We found that information technology, knowledge market, state support and international exchange were used correctly. Therefore, the article aims to analyze the factors affecting the development of the knowledge economy. In particular, the effectiveness of funds invested in scientific research and experimental construction works in foreign developed countries is shown, and it is shown that it was achieved mainly due to the fact that the countries were able to properly use the specific factors of the knowledge economy, including science. This shows the importance of studying and analyzing the knowledge economy. Knowledge economy is a branch of economics that studies the economics of knowledge, innovation and education. It examines how knowledge, technology and innovation affect the economy and how these factors can be used to create new opportunities and increase economic efficiency. The knowledge economy depends on the development of technology, as new technologies such as artificial intelligence and digitized products create new opportunities for production and business. The role of education is also important, the higher the level of education of the population, the greater the opportunities for the development of the knowledge economy. So, it is possible to achieve socio-economic development by studying the factors affecting the current knowledge economy in the country.The article examines Israel’s experience in the development of the knowledge economy. In particular, it is shown that the main elements of the knowledge economy: the integration of knowledge, education, science and higher education, and the production of high-tech products led to the high growth of the state. Of course, the environment created in the country, innovative technology parks, and the development of entrepreneurship also contributed to a certain extent.It is important for Uzbekistan to study the world experience in the knowledge economy. For this reason, we considered the points presented in the article to be appropriate.

Keywords. Knowledge economy, innovative goods, R&D, science, knowledge, technology, innovations, intellectual capital, education, information technologies, knowledge market, international exchange of knowledge.

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