Izbosarov Boburjon Bakhriddinovich,

Tashkent Institute of Finance

DSc., Associate Professor of the Department of Banking,, ORCID:0000-0002-0763-073X


Abstract. In the article, the laws, decrees, decisions, regulations and regulatory documents related to the management of financial resources of commercial banks in the Republic of Uzbekistan and their legal basis were studied in detail, research was carried out and conclusions were drawn on the changes in the socio-economic processes taking place in the international and local banking practices of these legal documents. The accumulated experience of managing financial resources of commercial banks was closely studied and a database was compiled. Based on the collected data, methods such as observation and comparison of economic analysis, systematic approach and logical approach were effectively used. Researches and literature of foreign and local scientists on the topic were thoroughly studied. Also, during the scientific research, a number of requirements, norms and principles for improving the financial resources management methods and methodology of the Central Banks of the world countries, large financial-industrial holding companies and international Basel Committee commercial banks were considered. In particular, they are researched the available mechanisms for attraction from various sources, which are stored for a long time in the resources of commercial banks, are cheap in terms of cost. In particular, current issues such as the low volume of stable funds in banks, the high mutual difference between risky asset and term passive operations, and the low share of deposit funds have been carefully considered. As a result of the tension of financial and social processes in the world, the share of deposits in the resources of commercial banks is decreasing, the fund market is not sufficiently developed, bank shares and bonds are not attractive, deposit and loan interest rates are kept at a high level. also, problems related to the management of financial resources of commercial banks of our republic were identified and scientific proposals and practical recommendations aimed at solving them were developed.

Key words: money, commercial bank, Central Bank, asset, liability, deposit, capital, management, management of financial resources, resource, financial resources, bank capital, investment, mandatory reserve policy, currency, open market operations.

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