Radjapbay Dusmuratov,

Tashkent State University of Economics, Doctor of Economic Sciences,

Professor of the Department of Financial Analysis and Audit, “Excellence of Higher Education of Uzbekistan”,

Abstract. This article reveals the essence, importance and categories of one of the important knowledge methods of economic research methodology – formal representation and mathematization. In particular, the stages of implementation of formation and conditions of logical formation; classification of mathematization method and steps of mathematization of economic knowledge are recommended. The content of the integrated field of knowledge and the unique method of economic research – econometrics; its characteristics as an economic research method are revealed; methodological features of econometric modeling; the essence of the mathematical experiment as a method of economic research, the advantages and disadvantages of using mathematical methods in economic research are revealed, and recommendations for their use are given.

Key words: economic research, formal expression, mathematization, metric and nonmetric mathematization, economic processes, mathematical modeling, econometrics, econometric model, mathematical experiment.

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