Bakieva Gulshat Khudaiberdievna,

Resaercher of the Department of Finance, Tashkent Institute of Finance

PhD, associate professor of the department

“Budget accounting and treasury”

Tashkent Institute of Finance

Yuldasheva Nadira Viktorovna,


Abstract. The article discusses the practice of implementing the public procurement system in the Republic of Uzbekistan and presents the reforms being carried out in this area. The issues of effective operation of public procurement are the subject of discussion among scientific researchers, scientists, as well as the government. To substantiate the role of public procurement in the social development of the state and as a lever of influence on the economy, the author cites the controversy of foreign authors on the concept of the essence of public procurement. At the same time, an analysis has been made of the current practice of public procurement in the Republic of Uzbekistan, in particular, the existing and currently operating electronic platforms of the public procurement system are presented, and data on the amounts of registered contracts by budget customers of the city of Tashkent through electronic procurement procedures for the period 2020-2020 are also presented and analyzed. 2021 The above analysis of data on concluded contracts for various types of public procurement made it possible to identify the characteristic features and distinctive features of the state policy, as well as to reveal the problems associated with its implementation. The author especially noted the fact that the public procurement system is one of the factors in the fight against corruption in the economic and social spheres.

Keywords: government procurement, digitalization of the economy, electronic store, auction to reduce the starting price, electronic portal, state budget, registered contracts

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