Nabizhanov Bakhromzhon Valizhonovich
Independent researcher of TSUE
Email: Nabahrom753@gmail.com


Abstract. The article discusses in detail the method of optimizing the capital structure of joint stock companies, which depends on maximizing financial returns, the optimal ratio between debt and equity, assets that require long-term resources, taking into account the composition of assets. Given are the main directions and criteria for optimizing the capital structure of the enterprise in modern conditions. Practice shows that in modern conditions, no company can operate effectively and successfully without attracting debt capital. At the same time, it was considered that the use of borrowed funds has a high financial potential for development and the availability of opportunities to increase the financial profitability of its activities and bring financial risk. Clearly, there is a direct correlation between investment attractiveness and the amount of resources available to a corporation. Due to the limited amount of resources, companies competing for these resources need to increase their investment attractiveness. But borrowing and using your own resources requires certain costs. But borrowing and using your own resources requires certain costs. At the same time, in order to implement technological modernization, diversify the company’s activities, increase its competitiveness with the existing limited financial resources, the company must turn to the capital market to attract its own capital and debt. Thus, in order to achieve the most efficient use, it is necessary to constantly change the ratios of debt and equity. Then, as a result of a competent investment, the value of the company should increase. It is from these positions that the article discusses the process of shaping the financial structure of capital. The possibilities of influencing investment attractiveness by forming the most efficient capital structure have been explored. This requires the improvement of capital formation policy, taking into account not only current but also long-term goals of society development. This article discusses the criteria, classification and methods of capital optimization based on this process.

Keywords: joint stock company, optimization of capital structure, debt capital, leverage, risk, profitability


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