Ishanxodjayeva Dildora Aleksandrovna,

Singapore Management Development Institute in Tashkent

 Director of Research, Innovations and International Relations


 ORCID: 0000-0002-3997-7412


Abstract. This article analyzes the emerging trends in public-private partnerships (PPPs) within Uzbekistan’s tourism sector. It examines PPPs’ significant growth and evolving dynamics, emphasizing their role in driving the country’s tourism development. Key aspects include analyzing recent policy changes and government initiatives that facilitate and promote private investment in collaboration with public entities. The paper highlights successful case studies, showcasing how these partnerships have effectively harnessed resources and expertise to boost tourism infrastructure and services. Additionally, it explores the challenges and barriers encountered in these joint ventures, offering a critical perspective on areas for improvement. The article also sheds light on the impact of technological advancements and innovation in enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of Uzbekistan’s tourism industry. Concluding with forward-looking insights, the paper outlines strategic recommendations for optimizing PPP frameworks to capitalize on emerging opportunities and foster long-term growth in the tourism sector of Uzbekistan. This research offers valuable guidance for policymakers, investors, and industry stakeholders looking to understand and engage in the evolving landscape of tourism-related PPPs in Uzbekistan.

Keywords: tourism, public-private partnership, national economy, public sector, private sector, financial support, resource, social interest, need, cooperation.

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