Associate Professor Zuxra Maratdayevna Otakuziyeva*,
Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Email:
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4283-8181

Abstract. Due to the widespread and comprehensive postal services to all segments of the population and the fact that its services can be used by all residents of the country, the activity of the postal service of Uzbekistan is one of the areas of great social importance in our society. As in any country, the Republican Postal Service has the advantages of a well-organized postal network that provides postal services and related services in all corners of the country. The strategic goal of developing the national postal operator of Uzbekistan is to turn the enterprise into a highly efficient and competitive company that meets world quality standards. Achieving this goal depends in many ways on the use of new, modern methods, expanding the range of services provided and the activation of digitalization. In recent years, the national operator of the postal service “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” has deteriorated, its reforms and the transition to digitalization, the industry lags behind the rest of the world, the level of postal services is low. caused concern. Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-4921 of December 14, 2020 “On measures to radically improve the system of postal services” at a meeting chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on October 5, 2020 was an important milestone in the pursuit of development, as well as an important turning point in the radical improvement of the system of postal services. In order to further improve the management of postal services, information systems and telecommunications, develop market relations, deepen the process of introduction of digital economy software and hardware in the postal service and attract foreign investment in this area, on December 15, 2020 The resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About measures”. The resolution identified key areas for improving the system of postal services. This article is devoted to the econometric modeling and forecasting of the development of postal services in Uzbekistan, which shows the reduction in the number of post offices, the number of postmen closely associated with it, as a result of digitization and optimization of postal services using VAR and ARDL models with 2SLS.

Keywords: postal services, number of postmen, post offices, VAR model, ARDL model, 2SLS model.

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