Abdunazarov Shokhrukh Akrom o’gli

Senior lecturer of TMI, Ph.D

E-mail: shohrux_0507@mail.ru

ORCID: 0000-0002-1767-3709

Abstract: In the article, the processes of lending to individuals by non-bank credit organizations, its specific features are theoretically and practically studied and researched. Based on the conducted studies and analysis, appropriate proposals and recommendations were developed to improve the efficiency of the lending process in non-bank credit organizations. In the conditions of limited economic resources at the global level, the population’s demand for various services and consumer goods is increasing day by day. However, the main part of the population in the society will not be able to purchase these services and consumer goods due to limited income sources, low level of monthly and annual wages and other objective and subjective reasons. In this case, of course, this category of population feels a strong need to use the financial services of credit organizations, including non-bank credit organizations. Although commercial banks account for the main share of loans to individuals among the credit organizations of Uzbekistan, the activities of non-bank credit organizations are also developing rapidly in recent years. The reason for this is, firstly, that the organizational and legal processes regulating the activities of these credit institutions are being simplified as much as possible, and secondly, the population’s demand for financial services in this direction, as well as credit, is increasing. At the same time, in the article, the activity, main trends and current situation of non-bank credit organizations operating in Uzbekistan and their specific aspects are studied and researched and some conclusions formed.

Key words: Uzbekistan, microcredit organization, pawn shop, loan, interest rate.

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