Ishonqulov Nizamjon Fayzullaevich,

Associate Professor at Tashkent International University of Kimyo, Candidate of Economic Sciences,


Abstract. The article reflects the institutional foundations and mechanisms of real estate value and market evaluation in Uzbekistan. In particular, real estate and its market, comparative description of scientific-theoretical views on its evaluation, signs of real estate objects, classification of real estate markets, and mechanisms related to the regulation of evaluation activities were considered. In the world, it is of central importance to focus on scientific research to improve the practice of real estate valuation and development of its market according to the conditions of the market economy. Based on these, the scientific research conducted on the use of IT technologies and artificial intelligence in real estate valuation activities in the digital economy, and the provision of transparency in the real estate valuation process was studied. The need to collect uniform data on comparable elements in the valuation of real estate based on a comparative approach, to calculate the capitalization rate for discounting cash flows in the valuation of real estate for investment purposes, to improve the methodological aspects of prioritizing weight coefficients for valuation approaches, in particular,references from foreign experiences and research works of scientists given.             Keywords: real estate, evaluation, real estate market evaluation, digital economy, mechanism, regulatory mechanism, regulatory instruments, subjects of evaluation activity.

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