Fazliddin Sindarov
Tashkent State University of Economics

Abstract. This article discusses the practice of assessing the sovereign credit rating of Uzbekistan by Standard & Poor’s, as well as practical steps and the legal framework to strengthen Uzbekistan’s position in international ratings and indices in recent years. The importance of diversifying foreign sources of financing for restoring the country’s economy and ensuring the stability of the financial system during the pandemic was also analyzed with an analysis of the main macroeconomic, foreign economic, fiscal and monetary indicators of Uzbekistan in 2021-2024. In addition, the results of research by world scientists who studied the methodology for assessing sovereign credit ratings were studied. The Standard & Poor’s rating agency provides a detailed analysis of the main positive and negative factors that influenced the assessment of the sovereign credit rating of Uzbekistan. Conclusions and recommendations are made by summarizing the data studied in the study.

Keywords. sovereign credit rating, Standard&Poorʼs rating agency, sovereign credit rating of Uzbekistan, average GDP per capita, foreign investment, external debt, credit rating methodology.

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