Gulzada Khalikulova,
PhD, Acting assistant professor of the Department of Economics , Tashkent Institute of Finance,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, e-mail:,
ORCID 0000-0001-8522-2857

Abstract. The development of the insurance market in Uzbekistan directly depends on the socio-economic situation in the country, as well as global trends, and today insurance activity is one of the necessary and most important elements of the market infrastructure. The development of the insurance market in Uzbekistan largely depends on the introduction of new digital economy technologies. The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on all sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan, including insurance. The main stages of the business process of an insurance company are the conclusion of an insurance contract and the fulfillment of obligations under an insurance contract. The activities of an insurance organization can be represented as separate technological operations – business processes, on the basis of which it is advisable to study the life cycle of an insurance contract (its conclusion and implementation). The possibilities of using digital technologies in the framework of ensuring the life cycle of an insurance contract are very wide. The use of modern digital technologies by insurance companies at all stages of the life of an insurance contract is a modern requirement. The article discusses the features and possibilities of using digital technologies by insurance companies. The features of modern types of digital technologies in the insurance market are highlighted. The important stages of the business process describing the life cycle of the insurance contract and the conclusion and implementation of the insurance contract between the insurer and the insured are considered, and modern digital technologies widely used at these stages are studied. The factors that negatively affect the satisfaction of insurers with insurance services are also considered, and recommendations and proposals for their elimination are developed. Highlighted digital reforms in the insurance market, the possibility of using new digital technologies. In general, the need to create a unified information platform has been proved to increase the level of information support for insurance market entities, including to ensure the exchange of statistical data between insurers and government agencies. Keywords. business processes of an insurance company, life cycle of an insurance contract, digital technologies, insurance market, insurance activity, insurance premium

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