Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Tashkent State University of Economics


 PhD, Tashkent State University of Economics

Abstract. In the article, the economic essence and meaning of the concepts of asset securitization, securitization of banking assets, the structural structure of assets of commercial banks in Uzbekistan, the classification of the concept of asset securitization, the classification of modern financial mechanisms for transferring credit risk to another person, the means of reducing the level of credit risk, the regulatory framework for the introduction and development of asset securitization in in our country, improving the legal framework, developing and improving the forms and methods of securitization of assets of commercial banks, the activities of the world market for securitized assets and their characteristics, the study of modern derivative types of asset securitization in developed countries and determining their effectiveness, the global financial and economic crisis of asset securitization, secured by mortgages, to assess the impact on the emergence and in this process of identifying weaknesses that caused the crisis, the activities of institutional investors in the financial market, in particular the securities market, mechanisms to promote the securitization of assets of commercial banks, the possibility of placing securities issued for the purpose of securitization of assets in the domestic and foreign financial markets, the development of the practice of securitization of assets from modern sources of financing based on increasing the attractiveness of stock market instruments aspects of use, securitization bank assets in operations to raise resources based on the issuance of securities secured by credit claims on the bank’s balance sheet, infrastructure for the development of securitization practice in our country, banking supervision, the role of a rating agency brought into a single system, prospects for the development of asset securitization practice in Uzbekistan, service services The minimum loan amount for a portfolio in which managing agents also act as an agent drug, foreign experience in the securitization of banking assets and the prospects for its use in the economy of our republic, increasing investment the attractiveness of securities issued as part of securitization and determining the possibility of reducing risks by optimizing bank assets based on the use of special financial instruments, aspects of securitization operations, credit risks and a significant decrease in the cost of credit funds, as well as ways to develop the practice of asset securitization are disclosed.

            Keywords. Commercial banking, bank assets, asset securitization, securitization, credit risk.



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