Candidate Economic Science B.T.Turabov,

Independent researcher of the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan,

Abstract. In this article, based on the task of further increasing the efficiency of spending budget funds of the state program for the implementation of the development strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026 and improving the activities of state financial control bodies, the concept of “State Financial Control” was developed scientifically and in recent years, the activities of financial control bodies in our country have studied the application of modern control methods to a system based on internationally recognized standards. The legal norms of the tasks, duties, powers and achievements of the Accounts Chamber achieved in a short period of time are described in the regulation on financial control in our country. In addition, the author presents a number of urgent problems in the more effective work of the Accounts Chamber and proposes to eliminate these problems. It is scientifically justified that the author achieves positive results as a result of the implementation of his proposals for improving the system of state financial control and internal audit  

Keywords. Financial control, Accounts Chamber, internal audit, state budget, efficiency




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