Abduraimova Maftunakhon Akhmatovna

Tashkent Institute of Finance

Abstract. In this article discusses the organization of the internal audit service in insurance companies and the resulting efficiency, the achievements. The article notes that the organization of internal audit services in insurance companies is especially important in the process of digitization of the insurance market. The main task of internal audit in insurance companies is to analyze the financial statements submitted by the management in relation to the accuracy and profitability of risks, the procedure for legal inspection of software products and the submission of proposals for its improvement to the management of the organization. Suggestions and recommendations on the provision of a modern system of corporate governance in the organization of the internal audit service, the strengths in the organization of the internal audit service using international standards and the improvement of business processes.

Keywords. Insurance organization, internal audit, internal control, corporate governance, fraud and error, international audit, internal audit standard.

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