Navruzbek Shavkatov,

PhD, The Department of Corporate Finance and Securities,

Tashkent Institute of Finance, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


ORCID: 0000-0003-1305-2507


Abstract. Currently, the issue of public-private partnership relations and their increase is one of the issues in the attention of researchers and economists at the national and international level. The relatively low participation of the private sector in public-private partnership relations is the reason for this to some extent. The low level of interest of private investors in projects related to the development of the country’s infrastructure, the fact that a large share of their investments corresponds to the state contribution indicates the urgency of scientific research that should be conducted in this field. The fact that public-private partnership relations are progressing day by day in our country determines the importance of our scientific research in this field. This article presents a scientific proposal and practical recommendations aimed at evaluating the financial efficiency of public-private partnership projects, expected profitability, implementation of public-private partnership projects, taking into account various scenarios in project implementation. The experiences of the developed and developing countries of the practice of public-private partnership are studied, and the aspects specific to the economy of our country are justified. Also, the indicators of financial efficiency of public-private partnership projects were methodologically analyzed.

Keywords: Public-private partnership, minimum profitability, weighted average cost of capital, internal rate of return, net present value

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