Kurbanov Said Akbarovich,
Researcher of the Higher School of Business and Entrepreneurship
Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Abstract. This article covers the issues of digitalization of insurance technologies and the creation of an insurance ecosystem in the field of general insurance, a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem in the field of general insurance, its programs, subjects and features. General insurance, a crucial segment of the financial services industry, encompasses a wide range of non-life insurance policies that cover various aspects such as property, health, vehicle, and liability. The study delves into key programs like risk assessment, claims management, and fraud detection, highlighting their importance in the operational framework of general insurance. It also explores fundamental subjects integral to this field, including underwriting, actuarial science, and regulatory compliance, underscoring their roles in maintaining the efficacy and integrity of general insurance practices. Furthermore, the paper examines the salient features of the general insurance ecosystem, such as diverse product offerings, customer-centric services, technological integration, stakeholder collaboration, risk management strategies, and adherence to sustainable practices. These features collectively ensure the adaptability, sustainability, and customer-oriented approach of the general insurance industry. The findings of this study contribute to a deeper understanding of the general insurance ecosystem, offering insights into its complex dynamics and the multifaceted approaches employed to meet evolving market demands and regulatory requirements.

Keywords: General insurance sphere, digitization, ecosystem, ecosystem programs, ecosystem entities


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