Prof. Sultonali Меhmonov
Tashkent Institute of Finance
PhD, Associate prof. Corina Gribincea
Free International University of Moldova
PhD Sherzod Khalilov
Tashkent Institute of Finance

Abstract. The use of renewable energy sources is developing more and more around the world these days. One of the main reasons for this is that declining fossil fuel resources and pollution from burning gas, oil, and coal have a significant impact on climate change. Many foreign investments are being attracted to increase the profitability of renewable resources. As a result, in order to provide transparent information for foreign investors electricity supply companies are required to maintain accounting and reporting in accordance with the requirements of IFRS standards. This article examines the organization of the purchase and sale of renewable energy in accordance with IFRS standards, defining the rights and obligations in contracts on the basis of international concepts, combining and modifying contracts, differentiating work and services in them, and determining individual selling prices. The results of the study show that the requirements of IFRS 16 (Leasing) of contracts related to the purchase of renewable energy in power supply companies, IFRS 15 for measuring the rights and obligations under contracts in the recognition of revenue provide an appropriate basis. The application of these criteria ensures that the terms of the contract are constantly monitored.

Keywords. energy, leasing, cost, revenue, contract identification, individual sell price

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