Prof. Farkhod Mukhamedov
Tashkent Institute of Finance

Abstract. This article describes the development trends of the stock market in the regions of the world. The research of foreign scientists who conducted research on the securities market and its development during the pandemic was studied. The article examines the regions that are part of the World Federation of Stock Exchanges. According to the methodology of the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, the stock exchanges that are members of this federation are divided into three major regions. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, an analysis of the stock market capitalization of the World Federation of Stock Exchanges and its constituent regions was conducted. The volume of trading in major financial instruments, including stocks and bonds, in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe-Middle East-Africa was also analyzed. As a result of the analysis, problems in the development of the global stock market were identified and conclusions were drawn.

Keywords. Securities Market, Securities, Stock Market Capitalization, World Federation of Exchanges, Regions of the World Federation of Exchanges.

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