Madrakhimov Umirbek Muhammadovich,
independent researcher,
Email: umirbekmadrahimov1976@gmail.com

Abstract. In the article, the importance of small business entities in the economy of the world countries, strengthening the competitiveness of the economies of developed countries, introducing the achievements of scientific and technical development into production, creating new jobs and increasing the income of the population, and the reforms being carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan, by performing an economic analysis of small business entities scientifically based conclusions and suggestions are presented. In particular, it is aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of small business entities and increasing their efficiency, and on the basis of further improving the mechanism of their implementation, to ensure the even development of entrepreneurial activities in remote and remote areas and villages of our republic, and to control that they do not fall behind each other through the relevant agencies, their scope It is based on the need to expand and thereby provide local residents with jobs.

Keywords. small business, world experience, sustainable development, action strategy, modeling, forecasting

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