Shermukhamedov Bekhzodjon Usmonovich

  PhD, Associate Professor of the “Economic Security”

Department Tashkent financial institute

Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Abstract: In the article, the deposit policy of commercial banks is considered to be the main part of the general banking policy and defines the strategy and tactics of deposit activities of commercial banks. The strengthening of the requirements for macroprudential control implemented within the framework of the monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan causes problems such as the lack of long-term liquid resources in the national currency and the need for banks to achieve appropriate liquidity indicators. Therefore, our government is implementing a number of reasonable policies to develop and improve the deposit policy and financial stability of commercial banks. In addition, it is possible to study the availability of factors affecting the stability of the deposit base of commercial banks, the level of adequacy of the deposit base of commercial banks, the instability of interest rates set in relation to savings and term deposits, and the effect of interest rates on the level of profitability.

Key words: deposit, deposit types, demand deposit, term deposit, savings deposit, transactional.

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